Episode  Airdate Plot
The Fast and the Furriest March 3, 2015 Pickle builds a car racing track in the stump. Merl insists on following road rules, while Pickle breaks all of them...which eventually breaks Merl!
Wish You Were Here March 3, 2015 Three vacations in a box bring the fun of a getaway to the safety of the stump. But like most family holidays, they're not as fun as they sound
Bouncing Bunny, Hidden Squirrel March 10, 2015 Gull is narrating a kung fu story acted out by Pickle and they want Merk to be the villian. But when Merl goes bad he REALLY goes bad.
Innards Space March 10, 2015 When Gull swallows the TV remote, Pickle pilots a shrunken sub into his insides and reconnects loose brain cords along the way.
Raiders of the Lost Throne Room 5th September 2014 Gull can't find the bathroom, so Pickle and Merl map the way. But their maps are totally different... and combine to reveal a secret door.
Stump of Horrors March 17, 2015 Merl tries to prove to Gull that the stump is ghost free, but Pickles 'ghost facts' get Merl so scared , he may never sleep again!
My Best Friend Shlitzy March 17, 2015 Gull has a new best friend: Schiltzy the half eaten, half rotten talking corn cob...but then Schlitzy manipulates Gull into leaving the stump!
DAWG!! March 17, 2015 Pickle and Merl are terrified by a dog sniffing around the stump, but much to their horror Gull only wants to play with it - just look how cute it is!
10 Minutes to Cookies March 17, 2015 Gull finds a way to travel in time! But when Merl sends Gull and Pickle back in time, they almost destroy the nut that grew their stump
Merry Garbage Day March 17, 2015 Pickle and Gull celebrate a new holiday: garbage day! While they hoard trash to prepare for a visit by the Dump fairy, Merl, obviously freaks out.
Flashloose Fever April 1, 2015 Merl bans dancing in the stump, claiming it causes too much damage, Pickle and Gull protest in a dance musical style.
Frankenstump April 1, 2015 When Merl spills fertilizer on the stump, it starts growing again, Pickle and Gull embrace the new growth, but Merl just wants to chop it all off
Gone Buddy Gone April 14, 2015 Merl loses Nutty Buddy and Pickle and Gull play detective to find him. But when Merl finds Nutty Buddy Pickle and Gull accuse him of kidnapping Nutty buddy!
Just Us League of Heroes April 14, 2015 The trio take on superhero personas, with Merl as El Sanitario! But his plans for total tidiness are threatened by the lone cob of the apocalypse
Collecting Merl April 21, 2015 When Gull starts a collection of Merl's belongings, Merl must break into Gull and Pickle's high security 'Merl Museum' just to get nutty buddy.
Family Fun Day April 21, 2015 Gull finds an egg he thinks is his long lost brother. But Merl mistakes it for a chicken egg and makes a delicious omelet that Gull eats!
Borderline Nuts April 29, 2015 A dispute over personal space prompts Pickle
Gull in Tights April 29, 2015 Merl and Gull to divide up the stump into different territories; Gull pretends to be Robin Hood.
Mosquitos...Mo' Problems April 29, 2015 A pesky mosquito drives Pickle, Merl and Gull crazy, but they can't get rid of the insect
Merl's Birthday Blues April 29, 2015 Merl is convinced his birthday is cursed.
Speechless April 29, 2015 Merl finds a switch that turns off Pickle's voice
Rear WindOW April 29, 2015 An injured Merl is stuck inside and unable to warn his friends about an imminent mole invasion.
Muck Raking April 29, 2015 Pickle and Merl face off in the battle to end all autumn leaf battles
Size Matters, Yes? April 29, 2015 Merl wants to be bigger, and becomes convinced that he is a 50-foot-tall giant.
Walk Around in Each Other's Paws April 29, 2015 To avoid constant arguing, Merl and Pickle vow to try to understand each other better
Hotel Merl April 29, 2015 Hoping to raise money to purchase a rare nut, Merl turns the stump into a hotel.
Quality Time April 29, 2015 Pickle makes Merl spend some quality time with Gull, but Merl may not survive the day
Pickle Says Relax April 29, 2015 Pickle and Gull get Merl an automated cleaning device so that he can relax.
The Basement April 29, 2015 Gull goes into the basement, doesn't return and Merl and Pickle attempt a rescue but get trapped
Gull to Sleep April 29, 2015 Gull needs a bedtime story to put him to sleep, but Pickle and Merl clash on storytelling styles.
Flying Squirrel April 30, 2015 Pickle and Gull discover Merl hails from a family of daredevil flying squirrels and convince him to do the greatest stunt ever
E.A.T.Y April 30, 2015 Gull finds a baby alligator but he mistakes it for a baby alien.
Hindenstump April 30, 2015 Pickle and Gull convert the stump into an airship
Pickle Productions April 30, 2015 Pickle discovers Merl's old movie script and decides to produce it with Gull's help.
Dilly Comes to Town April 30, 2015 Pickle desperately tries to impress her cousin Dilly when she comes to visit
Beard Goggles April 30, 2015 Merl discovers he can't grow a playoff beard to cheer on his favourite team.
Gull-Patterned Baldness April 30, 2015 A vacuum mishap leaves Gull's head clean of feathers
Fame and Fortune, Yuh-huh! April 30, 2015 Merl learns that Gull was once a famous anti-pollution icon.
Nutty Buddy Goes Nuts April 30, 2015 Gull's brain accidentally flies out of his head and into Merl's favorite plush animal Nutty Buddy
The Fable April 30, 2015 Pickle tries to disprove the fable of The Tortoise and the Hare.
Locked Out April 30, 2015 Merl leads the effort to break into the stump after Gull accidentally forgets the passcode to his new high-tech security system
Where No Stump Has Gone Before April 30, 2015 Merl awakes aboard the U.S.S. Stumpterprise.
Pillow Fight of the Century May 5, 2015 After Merl is crushed in a pillow fight by Gull, Pickle trains him for a rematch
Gull Proof May 5, 2015 Merl attempts to Gull-proof the stump against the near disasters caused by accident-prone Gull.
Family Puzzle Night May 12, 2015 Pickle tries to liven up puzzle night by breaking things so Merl can rebuild them, but she accidentally breaks the whole universe into puzzle pieces!
Tub of Troubles May 12, 2015 Something crazy happened in the bathtub, but the stumpmates can't agree what! Their conflicting flashbacks feature pirates, spies and flying germs.
What a Long, Strange Camping Trip It's Been May 19, 2015 Pickle puts wheels on the stump and drives it into the woods for a camping trip. Merl freaks out, Gull earns boy scout badges and bigfoot shows up
Cage Match May 19, 2015 Gull brings home all kinds of new and dangerous pets, including, spiders, scorpions and eels. Merl insists the pets are put in cages, which triggers Pickles deep seated fear of captivity
Disaster Drill Disaster May 26, 2015 Merl runs safety drills for every possible disaster.. Pickle, however, thinks they should also prepare for every 'impossible' disaster as well!
Gull Goes to the Moon May 26, 2015 Pickle and Merl build a portapotty 'rocket' so Gull can fly to the moon, but it gets stuck in a tree after blast off....with Gull headfirst in the potty
Squirrel Plague June 2, 2015 Everyone is convinced Merl has the squirrel plague, but when Pickle and Gull try to fix the problem, they just make it worse!
Cliffhanger!!! June 2, 2015 Pickle loves cliffhangers so much she tries to set them up in her everyday life. Merl, however, loves resolution and tries to thwart them.

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